Do You Wish Wall St. was Easy St.??? It can be.

It's very simple. We show you how to piggy-back yourself with the Big Guys. Do what they do. The key is to find out what the big guys are doing and do exactly that. Ride up and down with them.

The way to find out what the big guys do is by looking at the ticker tape and watch for big block activity. That's one way. The other is to read the charts. That is an art in itself. The charts reveal a lot. Then watch the total buying and selling activity of the day, week, month and year also known as Volume. The charts to be studied are 1 day, 2, day, 3 day, 5 day, week, month, year and 5 years. The internet has all the information you want about any commodity or stock if you have the patience. The more you see, the better info. you have and the better decision you can make about a commodity or stock. It's all in the charts.

All Industries and professions have their secrets. The Wall St. is no exception. Since Wall St. is about money - lots of money, it has it's own occult world. A world you are not supposed to see. And it is very zealosly shielded. What you don't know about the Stock Market will astound you. For example, when the market goes up in the morning, it means one thing and when it goes up near the middle of the day, it means something else and when it goes up at early afternoon, it again, means quite something else. The undulations of the Market are not haphazard. They have meanings. We will tell you what sophisticated expressions like distribution, accumulation, volume and the rest of the Market lingo means. No guessing.

Chart formations are very important. Each Chart Formation has its own story to tell. But deception lurks at every corner. It all seems innocuous but terrible 'hairpin' bends and 'U turns' are almost around every corner. But don't let it scare you. You got to take all that in stride. The Stock Market is also about Psychology and Mind Control. The market makers use every means at their disposal at creating overwhelming sentiments and psy-ops that they wield with maximum robotic precision. The market makers are the proverbal 'House' as in Casinos. Only those who can see through this deception will win.

Then there is strategy. The more careful you are, the less risk you take and the less money you make but the progress is always forward. The more risk you take, the more chances of losing and losing big. You don't want that. You want to win steadily and surely. If you combine Research, Charts, Psychology and Skill\Strategy, winning is enhanced and assured. This is just our intention for you.

The people in-charge of making and moving the market are called Specialists. They sit near and work with the 'floor brokers' of the exchanges. The Specialists are in-charge of about 40 or so stocks in the NY Stock Exchange. The Specialist work for the major shareholders of the companies listed in the stock exchanges. The Specialists do as they are told by these same Shareholders. They do things differently almost every time but their underlying purpose and objective is always the same - to throw you off and take your money. As simple as that. You should also familiarize yourself with the habits of the market makers - things they do and for what purpose and predict what they will do next. That is something you cannot study in a day, month or even a year. We will tell you all about that. Our cumulative experience spans more than 60 years in this business. We tell you all you need to know to win.

Know what the big guys know and get on the inside with them. We will gladly answer anytime, any specific questions that you may have after you order. Now own a piece of the Wall St. and order today and stock up. We show it all we know.