Get this. There were ONE MILLION new U.S. millionaires just in 2000 alone, bringing America's total to 6,850,000 millionaires. In 2005 the US saw 227,000 new millionaires being created. There are 2,740 new millionaires per day. Another 17,000 new millionaires week after week after week, 50,000 milionaires added every month ... 80% have little or no college education, let alone a degree !
Do you want your name added in the list of millionaires ?

Enough with statistics. Now that I too have made my first million, I can relax. Whew, that was close ! It wasn't easy and didn't happen overnight. It took a while. But it happened. And I'll show you how I did it. You know what did it ? It was the fact that I knew that I would do it. That is the first step. I urge you to sit down and first make up your mind that you will do it no matter what. Take your time in making up your mind even if it takes you months to do it. You must have that steely determination. It is not a vainglorious boastful pride. It is that knowing silence within you that fills you with 'doing', that doesn't rest until the job ahead is done. Then, no one will be able to stop you. But I warn you, money by itself will never bring happiness. Money can bring unhappiness too. Watch out for that.

A million dollars is just that - a million dollars. We are talking about making the first million $. It can be made in any kind of business and profession. You have to be doing the right thing at the right time at the right place. Many have made millions by being employed all their lives. Making the first Million Dollars is the toughest. The first step to get there is to love and enjoy what you do. You have to find your calling - (what it is that you have to do ?) and then stick with it. I guess, you have to just let things sort out for themselves and let Providence lead the way. Some find their calling right away, others take a long time. Some find obstacles throughout their lives, others find hardly any. Each person's life is different. Refrain from discussing politics and religion.

In any case, THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. And please don' tell me that you are still young and have time. YOU HAVE NO TIME !!! You, me, everyone. Never waste a second if you can. Time, once passed, is lost forever and no amount of wealth can bring it back. Time is the only real wealth we have.

All you need is my information. I show the more-than-street-smarts to success. Got no education ? No problem. No money ? No problem again. No experience ? Absolutely no problem. If there are obstacles in your way by nature or by other humans, do not worry because most of the ideas I show are obstacle-proof. You will reach your goal to your dreams. Success is yours. I make sure of it. Read it all, then armed with all the information, think about what you plan to do. Write them down. Toss the plan in your head. Make changes here and there. When everything is go, just do it. That's all there is to it.

In my package, I trace my footsteps through time. Everything I say is time tested and proven. They are easy-to-do plans. Each plan will lead to success. Get busy doing it. The key is in doing. Doing and doing and doing, day after day. No stopping. Don't go to sleep. Remember the fable of the Totoise and the Hare ? Be the Tortoise. That is how you accumulate wealth. Find a thing, a system, that works and within your reach - of doing. Do it and do it and do it. While you are doing it, improve it and improve it and improve it. Invest in marketing and sales. Get sales up. Improve on the product. Make it more attractive, sleeker. Add more products. It should work like a charm without problems, without fail. No need of much college too, although education does help attain finesse. But too much college makes you a job addict and over-dependent. Jobs are OK but they go fast. Create your own jobs - for life. They don't teach you in MBA how to be independent. I do.

So you want your dream job ? I show that too. In fact, I'll show you how to get several dream jobs at approximately the same time. You just pick the one(s) you want. That easy. It took me years to perfect this.

Lower your ego. Humble down and do what you have to do to make your financial success. Of the techniques shown, choose the ones you want that suit your style and temperament. These are techniques for the educated or the unsophisticated. And time tested. They can all be done easily because at one time or another I did them all with success. One thing is certain. You will never go hungry or begging. The information below is an all-round 'Road to Success'. But you must have the drive. If you don't, do not worry either because the information pumps up all the drive in you that you need. I have thought it all for you because I care. I want you all to become millionaires.
Your acqaintainces will sympathize with you when you are financially down but will lose all sympathy for you when you become financially indepenent. Don't let that bother you. Nothing personal. I am letting you know so you won't feel bad when it happens. That's just how people are. Another thing, only true friends will give you good and right advice. The others will always discourage you from doing the right thing. This is another fact of life.

Success comes from hard work and patience, understanding and wisdom. Very rarely from inheritance. There also are other ingredients of success - innovation, contacts, jobs, education, competency, etc. But the common factor of all is hard work and sincerity. Success is also about helping people achieve their aims. Invest in apreciating assets. This is what makes you. Nothing compares to this. Success also takes time. It may not come for a while. But when it's time, it can come fast. You also need to have intimate knowledge about what you do, a system to follow which should be complete. Keep the knowlege of your ade uptodate with constant research. Mostly, success comes with duplication of effort - by hiring manpower. Your job then is to create demand and fill it. If the profit margin is small, you need a higher number of sales and if the margin is high, you can reach your goal with comparitive less sales. In the latter case, success can sometimes be achieved by a one man band - a self made millionaire.

Then success can come quite by accident. A friend of mine bought a piece of land dirt-cheap that was basically in the woods. Just months later, that site was selected for high-end development and within 2 years it's price jumped 100 times. He made his million then and there.

I am giving you the blue-print. I guarantee you, you will make your million. There isn't much to it after all. But you must get started now. Doing is making it.

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